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Author: Kelly Stephan | Stephan Law Firm

Almost everyone is on social media. It is a useful tool to keep up with the people in our lives. However, especially during divorce proceedings, it is important to be careful about what you post.

Anything that is posted can be used in the Court – against you or the other party.

Even if you have your settings on private, if it gets “leaked” to the other side, it will be admissible evidence and can dramatically affect your case. Make sure what you are posting doesn’t reflect negatively on you. Avoid posts with alcohol or drug references, belittling the other side and other side’s family, complaining about the court/justice system, and violence. Instead, post family-centered activities and photos.

These cautions about using social media go for everyone involved, so be on the lookout for evidence to use against the other side. Take screenshots of any posts from the other side that may be used in Court and save them in a safe location. Do not assume the post will stay up, take the screenshot right away.

As useful as social media is, especially during proceedings, you should be extremely cautious about what you post. Keeping your posts positive will help you and your family secure the best outcome possible.