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The time is coming soon that your recent high school graduate will be leaving the nest to embark on their next adventure. You’ve probably created a mental list of all the conversations you need to have. How to change a flat tire. The importance of a budget. How to cook their favorite meal. The list is endless.

One conversation you might have overlooked is who pays for college and how costs of the student’s living expenses are split. Typically in Illinois, child support laws end when a child turns 19 or upon graduation from high school, depending on which occurs first. However, co-parenting and the child’s needs continue into young adulthood.

As college costs rise, one parent will often financially contribute the majority of expenses associated with college creating an undue burden on that parent and possibly the other children in that home. Creating a legally binding agreement distributed equitably between both parents creates expectations up front, preventing disagreements in the future.

The court will consider several factors when granting an individual non-minor support. These include the financial resources and needs of both parents, the child’s financial resources, the standard of living and lifestyle created during the marriage, the child’s academic performance, and aptitude for continuing education. It is also vital for parents to understand that non-minor support has to be deemed appropriate by the court and isn’t always granted. Your legal petition can include:

  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Textbooks
  • School supplies
  • Food
  • Medical expenses
  • Car Insurance
  • Gas

With proper planning, non-minor support petitions can be a smooth process. However, it is essential that you start your legal case for contribution to college expenses once a child is accepted into college. After contacting Stephan Law Firm, we will discuss filing a legal petition that can include everything, so don’t procrastinate.

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